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ECO Outdoor Sports

Eco Outdoor Sports - Vancouver

Our mission is to have a great group of people working for us who share the same passion and focus for holding our customers’ best interest at heart, and strive to provide our customers with a great selection of quality merchandise from the best brands that are both fashionable and functional.



ECO Outdoor Sports humbly began in 1997 when a group of professional individuals from various backgrounds got together to open an outdoor store. This group had no previous retail experience, but shared common passions for living an active life in the outdoors, and pushing the limits in their enjoyed activities by using gear and clothing from quality brands like The North Face, MSR, Sierra Design and Mountain Hardwear.  The ECO Outdoor Sports founders also believed that superior performance outdoor apparel should not be limited to men, and that women should be valued customers as well.


When Eco Outdoor Sports opened their doors in 1997 a lot of outdoor apparel was only made in unisex sizing, which meant fitting women in X-Small men’s cut outerwear. Eco made a commitment from the beginning to focus on buying female specific clothing that fit women well, and enhanced their experiences in the outdoors.  Since that time Eco has fairly dedicated half of our stores to women specific performance and lifestyle apparel. By ensuring that our merchandise was equally comprised of goods for both men and women, Eco Outdoor Sports was ahead of the curve for the equality industry trend that would follow six years later. Now, 15 years later, we at ECO Outdoor Sports continue to offer a great selection of high quality performance outdoor apparel for both women and men embarking on all varieties of outdoor adventure.

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The original founders also knew from personal experience that the apparel and equipment they owned from the brands they loved were made of quality materials that withstood years of use and enjoyment. This meant that products from brands like The North Face, Sierra Designs and Mountain Hardwear offered unsurpassed value to their consumers. At ECO Outdoor Sports we still focus on offering our customers the best selection of quality merchandise from the best, and most trusted brands.

The founders lacked retail experience, and so they started buying based on personal taste, and as a result took more chances by purchasing broader product assortments instead of following the basic rule of only buying items that would definitely sell. The buy what will sell model is effective, but usually means that the customers have fewer choices while shopping. The founders’ varying personal tastes forced the original store merchandising to be more in a boutique style, but offered our customers a much wider range of products to choose from. ECO Outdoor Sports customers will never come to our stores and see rows and rows of the same thing. Our commitment is to make their shopping experience more fun and successful by offering them more choices. We continue to offer our customers the greatest and most unique selection of active, outdoor, and lifestyle apparel by buying in breadth and selection. The natural growth of our four retail stores now offers us the ability to back up our stock with depth.


Eco Outdoor Sports runs three+ retail locations in Vancouver BC


The diverse backgrounds of the founders brought together a group of individuals that believed in professionalism in their approach to retail. This transposed into a culture of harnessing people who are passionate about, and enjoy, helping people. The founders are focused on treating each and every employee as a valued individual, and to develop those employees’ innate talents to be equipped as well as possible to serve our esteemed customers. We hold our associates accountable for their conduct on the selling floor, and expect them to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable, and professional assistance that will result in a fun shopping experience. 

At ECO Outdoor Sports we focus on being great at the simple things, and holding our customers best interests at heart because we believe that this is the best way to serve our customers and the community that we live in.