Eco Outdoor Sports In Our Community

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Eco Outdoors Sports has been the presenting partner of the COHO run
since 2014. The COHO run is environmentally based organization registered under the Society Act of BC committed to supporting the protection and revitalization of North Shore salmon streams and rivers.

The objective of the society is to raise public awareness of current and potential threats to local waterways and fisheries and educating about the need to resolve these issues through protecting, enhancing and restoring salmon id habitats. The Coho Society helps to support volunteer-managed fish hatcheries and local environmental groups involved in stream protection. This work is done through partnerships between community stewardship groups, local government, First Nations and the business community, and concerned citizens.

The Coho Society is also involved in salmon id culture programs in North Shore schools and participating in the Adopt-A-Fish event. It is a community-wide effort to bring wild salmon back in ever-increasing numbers to North Shore streams and rivers.


BC Children's Hospital - Summits of Hope

We also donate to the BC childrens hospital through their Summits of hope program, for over a decade. Summits of Hope is an officially registered not for profit association. They provide some of the best research in the world, improve the quality of life of sick children, educate and provide care for those children who need it most.

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